Flanders Burial Service, Inc
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Flanders' Burial Service has been serving Alachua County and NE Florida for many years. Just ask your friends and neighbors about us. We are proud of our quality burial service, but even more proud of the friendships we have forged over the years. Quality and service go hand in hand for us and all those we have served over the years will tell you the same thing.

We have assembled photos of some of the color combinations that are most asked for. As you scroll down the page you will see setups of blue, red, patriotic, and then some assorted photos. This should give you some idea of just what Flanders' Burial Service can do for you!

Flanders blue setup 1
Flanders blue setup 2
Flanders blue setup 3
Flanders blue setup 4
Flanders red setup 1
Flanders red setup 2
Flanders red setup 3
Flanders red setup 4
Flanders red setup 5
Flanders red setup 6
Flanders Patriotic setup 1
Flanders Patriotic setup 2
Flanders Patriotic setup 3
Flanders Patriotic setup 4
Flanders graveside
Flanders graveside 2
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